Privacy Protection Statement of MoChat

1. What kind of information we do not collect?

We do not collect user's personal information. User's personal information refers to user's location, age, address, phone, information stored in the device, and information used to identify the user or someone else when the user uses application, service or website.

2. What kind of information will we collect?

2.1 When the user interacts with us, we may collect user's non-personally-identifiable information. User's non-personal information includes the user's phone OS version, phone model, etc.

2.2 Session and available data: "Session and available data" refer to the connections and service-related data information arising when the user uses an application, service or website, including but not limited to the application, service or website provided by us. Session and available data include information regarding connection request, server communication and data sharing and contains network test, quality of service, date, time and location. Just as the information set described below, we can also gather session and available data. Please note that session and available data exclude any personal information or the content to be sent or shared through application (such as photos, contacts, and schedule), service or website.

2.3 Login data: Through interaction, or by using application, service and our website, our system may automatically collect user's unique device ID, IP address, type of the browser or the OS, and date and time of use ("login data"). The information is collected to block unauthorized access and better protect the security of user data.

2.4 Summary information: "Summary information" refers to the data of group or service categories or the user data to be collected, in which the user's personally-identifiable information has been removed. In other words, the information about how you use an application, service or website is to be collected with the information about how others use an application, service or website, but the personally-identifying information will not appear in the summary information. Summary information helps us to know better about user demand so that we can introduce new functions or provide tailored application, service and website.

3.How do we use the collected information?

Strict rules are formulated on how to handle and protect the information uploaded by the users to ensure that the user information is collected and used for the prescribed purpose and within the prescribed limit. The uploaded information must be guaranteed to be secure and the user's personal information must not be misused.

3.1.Personal information - we do not collect user's personal information; therefore we do not use user's personal information in any way.

3.2.Non-personal information - we may use the non-personal information for the following purposes: offer a personalized experience for users - we may use your non-personal information to know better about user characteristics and other trends related to user habits; help to improve our services - we may use non-personal information to offer, maintain, enhance or improve application, service and website, and to develop new services.

4.Possibility of disclosure of personal information:

1.Personal information. We do not store or upload user's personal information, and therefore we do not disclose user's personal information.

2.Non-personal information. We do not link user's non-personal information with personal information (for example, link your name with your unique device ID).

5.Users who share information with you:

We can not control behaviors of other users who share your information. We can not and will not control behaviors of other users who share information with you when you use application, service or website (including forum) or how these users use or share such information. We are not liable for behaviors of any third party who tries to circumvent our safety measures.


We are committed to abiding by White Paper on MoChat User's Privacy Protection, this Privacy Protection Statement and applicable laws in order to protect the user's information collected by this product. The foregoing user's personal information to be collected while the users are using MoChat kid-robot service will not be published, edited or disclosed without the user's legal authorization, except in the following cases:

(1)according to the state laws and regulations;

(2)to safeguard rights and interests of users or of the public in emergencies;

(3)to protect trademark right, patent right and other lawful rights and interests of MoChat;

(4)other lawful circumstances requiring the foregoing information to be published, edited or disclosed.

edited or disclosed. In the event that the following force majeure event occurs, MoChat will not assume any liabilities, but MoChat will try our utmost to protect user's rights and interests and to notify the users promptly:

(1)hackers' attack;

(2)major impact caused by telecommunications operators;

(3)Network or website closed due to government regulation;

(4)virus attack;

(5)natural disasters, war and other events that can not be reasonably controlled, predicted or avoided even if they can be predicted.

7.Contact us/reporting violations:

If you have any questions or opinions about the policy or our privacy system, or want to report any violations or behaviors of misusing the application, service or website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

8.Alteration of privacy policies:

edited or disclosed. Privacy Protection Statement and privacy policies are subject to changes as the products develop. For any alterations in personal information policies, we will publish the information on the noticeable places of product or website so that the users can be promptly notified. It is deemed that you agree to the alterations if you continue to use our services.