Software Service License Agreement of MoChat 

1.Special tips

MoChat formulates MoChat Software Service License Agreement in strict accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. To use the MoChat Software (hereinaft MoChat Software Service License Agreementer referred to as the "Software"), a user of the MoChat Software (hereinafter referred to as the "User") shall, based on independent thinking, acknowledge and agree to all the terms and conditions under the Agreement, and start to use the Software after confirming the Agreement by following the instructions on the page. The Agreement is a legal agreement made by and between the User and MoChat regarding the download, installation, use and copy of the accompanying MoChat Software (hereinafter referred to as the "Software").

2.Service Content

Developed by MoChat, the Software runs on Android operating system and allows multiple accounts to be used at the same time with one mobile phone.

User can log in to MoChat application by using an independent account. When the User enters the corresponding ID and password on the login screen, the ID or password will be sent to the server of corresponding application. Therefore, User's account information and password will not and cannot be recorded.

A shortcut will be added on your desktop after initial use. During this process, a window will be popped up requesting for permission based on ROM condition of the system.

User can stop all the on-going MoChat applications by using one-click hibernation.

3. Service change, interruption or termination

Given the special nature of network services, User agrees that MoChat has right to alter, disrupt or terminate part or all the services provided by the Software at any time.

Under one of the following circumstances, MoChat shall have the right to disrupt or terminate the services provided to the User under the Agreement at any time free from any liabilities to User or any third party:

User breaches laws, regulations, state policies, or use rule under the agreement;

User sends information not conforming to state laws or policies.

4. Use rule

Because the Software uses User's own accounts for login, User shall not transfer or lend his/her account or password to others. For any illegal use of User's account by others, please notify MoChat promptly. For any illegal use of User's account or password by others due to hacker's behavior or User's negligence, MoChat retains the right to refuse to take any responsibilities.

The User must follow the principles below when using the Software:

abide by relevant laws and regulations in Singapore ;

abide by all the network protocols, provisions and procedures regarding the network service or the service provided by the Software;

must not employ the Software for any illegal purposes;

must not use the Software to violate the rights or interests of MoChat in any forms;

must not use the Software in any activities which may cause harm to normal operation of Internet or mobile network;

must not use the service provided by the Software to upload, show or spread any information which may harm national security or subvert state power, information which is fake, harassing, libelous, sexist, abusive, threatening, pornographic, or any other illegal information.

must not violate others' lawful patent right, copyright, trademark right, reputation right or any other lawful rights and interests;

must not use the Software for any activities harmful to MoChat.

When using the service provided by the Software, User shall make comments in a civilized manner, respect other users' personality right and privacy according to law, and contribute to the establishment of a harmonious, civilized and polite network environment.

5. Intellectual property right

All the rights regarding the Software (including but not limited to any images, photos, animations, videos, sound recording, music, texts, add-ons and accompanying help materials) shall belong to MoChat. User can neither reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the Software, nor use, spread the objects whose intellectual property rights are owned by MoChat, or engage in any activities which may infringe upon the intellectual property rights of the Software.

6. Privacy protection

MoChat will not collect or upload any user data, including account information and all the information arising out of the using process. All the data exists locally or is uploaded through the server of the company of MoChat application.

Protection of users' privacy is a basic policy of MoChat. MoChat will not disclose the private information to the public or any third party. The private content, such as pictures or photos, arising from the process of using the Software, with the following exceptions:

Obtain prior authorization from the User;

According to relevant laws and regulations;

According to the requirements of competent authorities of government;

In order to safeguard public interests;

In order to safeguard lawful rights and interests of MoChat.

User usages and behaviors, information about device and cellphone system version are collected in order that the Company could gain a better understanding of usage scenarios and modes and make improvements on the products.

7.  User experience improvement program

User experience improvement program

To improve users' experiences and services provided, when User chooses to join "User experience improvement program of the Software", the Software will make statistical treatment to the usage of the product as needed. The statistics is generally about the number of using certain functions rather than about the users' personal information. The main purpose is to improve product quality through data analysis and to provide better experiences for users. The aforementioned information is only collected to improve the products, and will not be provided to any third party or be used for any other business users. User can cancel "select User experience improvement program" in the setting of the Software at any time.

Program error log report

A brief error log will be automatically generated when the program encounters an unexpected error or crashes. It is a record of status information in running time made by the system, which only includes the error information of the program and does not touch upon any personal data. The Software, based on the Cloud Service option agreed by the User, will automatically report error logs to its server in order to identify the reasons for program error or crash and to improve product quality. Upon agreement and active operation of User, the Software can create a more detailed error report, which includes the Software's own data, system's log output and system information. The detailed error information document will be stored locally. The Software will inquire whether or not to report the error log. If User agrees, the Software will report the error log document stored locally to the server of the Software; if User disagrees, the report will not be made.

8. Disclaimer

User expressly agrees that he/she will undertake all the risks and consequences arising from the using of the Software. MoChat does not accept any liabilities for users.

MoChat shall neither guarantee that network service can meet the users' needs, nor shall guarantee that network service is timely, safe and accurate. MoChat disapproves, supports, represents or guarantees that the information released through the Software, and the opinions delivered through the Software, are complete, authentic, accurate or reliable. User shall make his/her own judgment towards the possible exposure to information which is illegal, immoral, wrong or inappropriate and to publications which are wrongly classified or have a deceptive nature. Under no circumstances will MoChat undertake liabilities in any forms for any losses or damages regarding information, which includes but not limited to errors or omissions that occurred, information that is published, sent privately, delivered or released by other means or information spread elsewhere.

MoChat will not undertake any liabilities for the interruption of service provided by the Software or other defects due to force majeure or other reasons which MoChat can not control, but it will try to minimize the users' losses.

9. Compensation for non-compliance

In the event that MoChat causes any losses to its users due to violation of concerning laws, regulations or the provisions under the Agreement, it will undertake the direct economic losses arising therefrom.

User agrees to maintain and safeguard the rights and interests of MoChat and other users. For any losses occurred to MoChat or any other third party due to User's violation of concerning laws, regulations or the provisions under the Agreement, User agrees to undertake the liabilities for damages.

10.Agreement revision

MoChat has right to revise any provisions under the Agreement at any time. For any changes in the Agreement, MoChat will directly publish the Agreement after revision. The act of publishing shall be deemed as having already notified User of revised content. MoChat can prompt its users for revised content by any other appropriate means.

10.2In case the User disapproves the revisions made to the Agreement by MoChat, User can stop using the Software. If the User continues to use the Software, it shall be deemed that User has accepted the revisions made by MoChat.

11.Governing law

The conclusion, implementation, interpretation and dispute settlement of this Agreement shall be subject to Singapore laws and jurisdiction.

Any disputes relating to the content of this Agreement or arising from the implementation of this Agreement shall be settled through friendly consultation. When consultation fails, any party has right to refer the disputes to the court having jurisdiction where the defendant is located.